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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Analysis \ Audit

 – Objectives

One of the first things I will discuss with you is what you want to achieve from hiring me to do SEO on your website(s) – we need clarity here so we can measure success over a period of time.

 – Benchmarking

This is a key requirement, prior to any working being done, I will document the most important metrics such as;

  • Current traffic volume to the site
  • Current number of backlinks and referring domains
  • Current SERPs for the main keywords

This information can then be used to ensure that the work I am doing is having a positive effect and remains on course.

 – Keyword Analysis

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing but it is rarely done correctly.

You will already have some keywords that your website is ranking for, however, I will conduct further research to find more profitable keywords that can be used to create content and drive traffic to your site.

 – On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to both the content on any given website page plus the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) elements of that page also. Getting the on-page factors right is now very important and needs to be done with 100% accuracy.

The main areas of on-page SEO relate to;

  • Page Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Header Tags
  • Image (ALT) Tags
  • URL strings
  • Keywords
  • Internal Linking

I use a tool called Screaming Frog which helps me find errors and issues with the above, I can then add them to the overall SEO plan

 – Content Analysis

I will analyse the current website content and highlight any duplication, gaps in content and new opportunities.

 – Backlink Analysis

Using tools such as AHRefs and SEMrush, I will check your link profile for any toxic (bad) links and take the necessary action.

 – Site Speed

Site load speed is one of the biggest ranking factors that Google use (they do have a couple of hundred more!) and so I will check site speed using tools such as; Pingdom, GT Metrix and \ or Google’s own tool.

There are certain things that can be done to improve site speed and I will implement these where possible.

 – Page Not Found Errors

Using Google’s own Search Console I will find and redirect any 404 ‘page not found’ errors.

 – Mobile Friendly

How does your site look if viewed on a mobile phone or on a tablet? I will check this and make any necessary changes, however, if your site is deemed as not being mobile friendly, it will require a web developer to become involved.

Competitor Analysis

If you have competitors (and let’s face it, most of us do!)  AND their website is performing better in the search engines than your site then we need to establish why. I will look at their keywords, their content and their backlinks which will allow me to figure out why they are performing better and find a way to ‘close the gap’ on them!

Link Building

If you think of a backlink (link) as a vote from another website, then the following may be easier to understand. A backlink is a hyperlink, a hyperlink is a clickable word or phrase that is often highlighted and underlined in a block of text and provides navigation between the two websites.

Search engine’s (such as Google) will crawl these links and the higher the quality* of the link, the more credit they will give to the receiving site, resulting in better search engine results (SERPs)

*A high-quality link will come from an authority site usually within your niche, for example, if you are in the cooking niche then a link from the BBC food section would be highly desirable and very powerful.

On the other hand, a spammy link is one from a low-quality website that has absolutely no relevance to your niche.

Link building is a skill in its own right and requires a lot of time and effort, I use a few different ‘white hat’ techniques to obtain good quality links for my client websites.


Paid Search

Web Design

Social Media

What I Will Need From You…

  • The first months payment made upfront (on receipt of invoice)
  • I don’t work with contracts so a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ on an initial 3 month working period. After the first 3 months, we can revert to a monthly rolling agreement if you prefer.
  • Access to your Google Analytics account
  • Access to your Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) account
  • An understanding that I may ask quite a few questions in the first month!
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